WAM Ambassador Program

Friday, May 19

WAM Ambassador Program:  Brainstorm Session


Ideas to create interest in Women and Mathematics on your campus:

  • Directed Reading Program - an experiential learning program that matches undergraduate and graduate students in mathematics for projects that deepen students' understanding of high-level mathematical concepts.

Examples of current programs:  UT Austin  and U Wisconsin Madison

  • How to start a conference
    • IDEA
    • Get faculty member onboard
    • Determine dates/ solicit key note speaker
    • Budget and get money
      • Sources:  Department, grad council, faculty grants, diversity committees, AWM, STEM
      • Determine what money will be spent on:  keynote, food (lunch, tea), transportation, lodging, social hour/wrap up.
    • ASK (if you don't ask for it, you will never know if you could have had it)
    • Website (create website to publicize)
    • /files/wam/wims-planning.pdf
    • /files/wam/TWIMSproposal.pdf


  • AWM resources
    • Apply to be a chapter (Example:  Rutgers has  small club for Women and Math)
    • Events just for participation to expose to the club. 
      • Small gatherings (wine and cheese, game nights, host a lecture that is on campus)
  • Joint group meetings (no AWM chapter)
    • Other departments on campus (business, physics, etc.)
    • Conversations over coffee
    • Brown bag lunch


  • Childcare Fund
    • Ask to see if this is available for the workshop/conference/talk you are interested in attending.


  • Outreach
    • Math Circles
    • Teach at a prison
    • Inside Out
    • STEAM
    • Sonya Kovalesky Days
    • College preparation for the disadvantage
    • Girl Scouts
    • Expanding Horizons
    • Homeless shelters
    • After School programs
    • Girls Angle
    • Girls Inc.
    • Science nights
    • Farmers markets
    • State grants for inner city - tutor, stay in school