What do I do if my screen is frozen?

If it is a Sun Ray or Linux machine:

1. Make note of the name of the machine you are on.
2. Log into another machine
3. ssh into the machine that is frozen
4. type

pkill -9 -u your_username

5. This should log you out and kill all the processes.
The frozen terminal should return to a login screen.

If not,
1. Hit the keys CTRL-ALT-Backspace-Backspace
2. Hit the keys CTRL-ATL-Moon (The moon, is at the top right hand corner of the Sun keyboard.)
The screen should turn off and then should return to a login screen.

If this still does not work,
1. Unplug the power to the SunRay (The gray machine next to the monitor)
2. Unplug the network cable.
3. Wait a few seconds and then plug everything back in.
The screen should return to a login screen.

If all else fails,
Contact the Math Help Desk

If it is a Windows machine:

Choose Shutdown, then choose Restart.

If it is an NCD:

1. Follow step 1-5 under Sun Ray
2. If this doesn't work, turn the NCD off/on