The Lab in S-028, Classroom in S-114 as well as some offices have SunRay appliances installed.  They look like one of the machines pictured below.

SunRay1                         SunRay150                            SunRay270

SunRays are Thin Clients which feature a smart card reader.  The user interface is similar to what is installed on the workstations except that applications run elsewhere on the server minsk (64-bit Linux OS).

With the smart card inserted, it saves your session information.  You then are able to remove the card, travel to a different SunRay appliance, insert your card, and "Voila!" your session is right back where you left it.  To verify that the card is correctly inserted, a green light will illuminate.

Without the smart card, the SunRay runs in Kiosk mode.  No password is needed, but the accounts are shared.  If you plan on saving any sensitive information, make sure the smart card is inserted and login to your account.

If your SunRay terminal is missing a smartcard, please contact the Help Desk (x8012 or help @ math dot ias dot edu) and we will provide you with one.

If your SunRay has an error code on the display, like the one pictured below, remove the power plug (there is no button), wait a minute or so, then plug it back in.




If your session seems to be stuck, press Ctrl+Alt+Bksp+Bksp and then it should log you out and start a new session.


SunRay Locations:

S-028, S-114, Fuld Library