Workshop on Motives, Galois Representations and Cohomology Around the Langlands Program

Monday, November 6, 2017 - 09:00 to Friday, November 10, 2017 - 12:30

The main theme  will be the relationship between cohomology of arithmetic groups, Galois representations, and motives, which arises out of the Langlands program.  The workshop will emphasize some directions that have seen recent progress, for example, new results and new features in the non-Hermitian case, or constructions of new Euler systems



The workshop is organized by Akshay Venkatesh (IAS/Stanford University), Frank Calegari (University of Chicago).


Invited Speakers:

Patrick Allen, George Boxer, Laurent Clozel, Pierre Colmez, Henri Darmon, Alexander Goncharov, Shekhar Khare, Emmanuel Lecoutourier, Brandon Levin, Mike Lipnowski, David Loeffler, Mark McConnell, Rachel Ollivier, Vincent Pilloni, Kartik Prasanna, Niccolo' Ronchetti, Yunqing Tang, Preston Wake, Sarah Zerbes

Registered Participants:

Federico Amadio Guidi, Rebecca Bellovin, Tobias Berger, Joseph Bernstein, SAZZAD BISWAS, Ali Bleybel, Gebhard Boeckle, Ashay Burungale, Francesc Castella, Mattia Cavicchi, Jorge Cely, Lance Dixon, Kim Tuan Do, Tony Feng, Jessica Fintzen, Mathilde Gerbelli-Gauthier,Sally Gilles, Daniel Gulotta, Tom Hagedorn, Zineb Hassainia, Shin Hattori, Sean Howe, Brian Hwang, Zhaorong Jin, Bruce Jordan, Andrei Jorza, Aknazar Kazhymurat, David Keys, Oleksii Kislinskyi, Krzysztof Klosin,           Erick Knight, Karol Koziol, Jaclyn Lang, Daniel Le, Arthur-César Le Bras, Pak-Hin Lee, Seok Hyeong Lee, QIRUI LI, Chao Li, Zhongyipan Lin, Zhilin Luo, Qixiao Ma, Kolya Malkin, Mark McConnell, Stefano Morra, Amir  Mostaed, Charles Mozzochi, Mohammedzuhair Mullath, Sam Mundy, Marc-Hubert Nicole, Gyujin Oh, Masao Oi, Bharathwaj Palvannan, Stefan Patrikis, Cherng-tiao Perng , Ali Rajaei, Ravi Ramakrishna, David Savitt, Karl Schaefer, Shrenik Shah, Romyar Sharifi, Jack Shotton,    joel specter, Eric Stubley, ERGUN SUER, Naser Talebizadeh Sardari, Jacques Tilouine, Mohamed  Traore, Ila Varma, Xiyuan Wang, Victor Wang, Carl Wang-Erickson, Susan Xia, Jingwei Xiao, Liang Xiao, HANG XUE, Zijian Yao, Sho Yoshikawa,     Wei Zhang, Robin Zhang, Yihang Zhu, Guangyu Zhu



Agenda:  click here



The school has a limited amount of funds available to help support graduate students, postdocs and junior mathematicians who may wish to attend the workshop at the Institute.  The funding deadline has passed and the application is closed.


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If you have any problems with registration or other practical questions, please write to Michelle Huguenin (

Registration for the meals and workshop are required. (Speakers do not need to register)

Although there is no registration fee, because seating is limited both in the seminar room and in our dining hall, you are required to register if you wish to attend all or part of the workshop.  In addition, in order for our chef to prepare enough food, we need to have a headcount for the meals.  Please note the workshop attendees are expected to pay for their lunch. Approximate range of prices are 4.00 for a salad to 9.00 for an entree. Vegetarian lunches will be available.  Only cash is accepted at the cash registers.  Credit cards and personal checks are not accepted.


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