2001-2002 members

The program is led by Avi Wigderson. This page lists members and visitors that took an active part in this year's activities.

Members and Visitors

(people who were in residence for at least one term. The name is followed by a brief description of research interests (highlighted in green); home pages and/or links at the end of the description provide more information)

    • Noga Alon, Tel Aviv University, Israel  (Spring term only)

        Combinatorics, Graph Theory and their applications in Theoretical Computer Science

        Quantum Computation, Computational Complexity

        Biocomputing, Computational Complexity more.. .

        Expander Constructions, GraphTheory, Combinatorial Structures

        Computational Complexity, PCP and Hardness of Approximation

    • Roy Meshulam, Institute for Advanced Study (Fall term only)

        Applications of Topology and Fourier Analysis to Combinatorics and Linear Algebra more...

        Proof Complexity, Computational Complexity more...

        Scheduling and Load Balancing, Complexity Theory and Lower Bounds, Quantum Computation, Approximation Methods

        Foundations of Cryptography, Pseudorandomness, Derandomization and Explicit Combinatorial Constructions

        Combinatorics, Graph Theory, Discrete Geometry

        Algebraic and Probabilistic Methods in Combinatorics, Extremal Graph Theory, Ramsey Theory, Random Structures, Application of Combinatorics to Theoretical Computer Science


Short-Term Visitors