the print server is

Naming Conventions

Printers are named according to the following conventions:

Queue Name
Simonyi Hall
Zeroth Floor
Duplex Printing
Fuld Hall
Third Floor

Simplex Printing

Public Printers

PrinterMake/ModelLocationDriver QueuesFeatures
95m1 Dell
95 Morse Dell 2330DN PS 95m1 95m1d DUPLEX
a1 Dell
a1 Dell 5330DN PS a1 a1d DUPLEX
color HP LaserJet
500 color M551
Simonyi HP LaserJet 500 color M551 Postscript color colord DUPLEX COLOUR
f2 Dell
f2 Dell 5330DN PS f2 f2d DUPLEX
f3 Dell
f3 Dell 5330DN PS f3 f3d DUPLEX
f4 Dell
f4 Dell 5330DN PS f4 f4d DUPLEX
fcolor HP
Color Laser Jet 5500
F-300 HP Color Laser Jet 5500 Series PS fcolor fcolord DUPLEX COLOUR
s0 Dell
S-028 Dell 5330DN PS s0 s0d DUPLEX
s1 Dell
s1 Dell 5330DN PS s1 s1d DUPLEX
s2 Dell
s2 Dell 5330DN PS s2 s2d DUPLEX

Housing Printers

Server NameLocationDocumentation Located between the laundry and activities room More information

Special Features

Color printing is available from the printer color and fcolor. color is in Simonyi Hall 028, fcolor is in Fuld Hall on the third floor.

A Stapler stacker is available from the printer s0sd. Print jobs sent to this queue will automatically be stapled. It will staple up to 15 pages.

Printer Status

To check that status of the printer (Check if your job printed):

Go to a Web Browser and type:
Click the name of the printer you want to check:

a1, a1d, f2, f2d, f3, f3d, f4, f4d, d1, s0, s0d, s0sd, s1, s1d, s2, s2d, color, colord, fcolor, fcolord

Active jobs will show what is currently printing

Click on Show Completed Jobs to show what josb have finished printing

The print server is

Printing from your laptop or personal computer

To setup your Laptop to print, you must have registered your machine on the network.
  1. UNIX printing from your personal computer or laptop
  2. Printing from your personal computer or laptop
  3. Printing from Macintosh

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