How do I let people know that I'll be on vacation?

Use the Unix vacation program. The vacation program will only send an auto-reply to each person who sends you mail only once, so it's best to include your return date. Also, vacation will not send auto-replies to mailing lists (it only replies to messages that have your address in the To: field)
Open up a terminal window and type:


Answer a series of questions. When you are done, your vacation message is set up.
You can specify dates and allow the vacation program to automatically return to normal mail when you return. Or you can do it manually by running the vacation command again when you return.

This program can be used to answer your mail automatically when you go away on vacation.

You have a message file in /home/guest/mguest19/.vacation.msg. Would you like to see it? (yes/no) Type yes or no

Subject: away from my mail

I will not be reading my mail for a while. Your mail regarding "$SUBJECT" will be read when I return.

Would you like to edit it? (yes/no) Type yes or no
You must edit using the vi editor commands. Vi Editor Cheat Sheet

To enable the vacation feature your .procmailrc file will be edited.

Would you like to enable the vacation feature? (yes/no)

Type yes or no
Would you like to specify a start date and an expiration date for the vacation feature? (yes/no)?
Type yes or no
Enter start month/day hour & minute in the form of MM/DD HH:MM (24 hour clock)
09/17 00:00
Make sure you follow the form in the example or you will have unexpected results

Enter expiry month/day hour & minute in the form of MM/DD HH:MM
09/25 00:00

Vacation feature is ENABLED

Away message will start on 09/17 at 00:00

Normal mail will resume on 09/25 at 00:00