How do I change my Keyboard to a different language?

If you are familiar with changing keyboard layouts on Gnome 2, it is very similar to how Gnome 3 changes the layout.


Gnome 2

  • If you're using Gnome 3 scroll down past the next two pictures.
  • Find system and go to 'preferences', then navigate till you see 'keyboard'

  • A window will appear. Just click the layouts tab then hit the 'add' button to add the different kind of layouts you want.

Gnome 3

  • Very similar to Gnome 2. First thing you'll want to do is click on Applications on the top left corner¬†and go to System Tools

  • Next click on settings inside System Tools and a window will appear. Click on Region & Languages and yet another window will appear.

  • Click on the '+' symbol to add another language of your choosing. After you can close the window normally and you will see the drop down of your selections in the top right corner.