How do I change my unix password?

To change your password from Mac OS X or Springdale:

1. Open up the Terminal application.
2. If you are not on a School of Math workstaion, SSH into using your assigned user credentials.
3. Type passwd.
4. Enter your current password.
5. Enter your new password twice.
6. Assuming you successfully typed in your new password twice, you should receive a message saying that all authentication tokens updated successfully.

To change your password within Horde Webmail:

  1. Login to
  2. In the Menu, under Mail, click on Change Password
  3. Type in the Old Password, the New Password, and confirm the New Password
  4. Then click on Change Password
  5. Logout, then log back in with the new password

You need to use three of the four types of characters in your password (numbers, lowercase and uppercase letters and symbols).