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Welcome to the School of Mathematics (Computing) 

We would like to take the opportunity to introduce you to our computing system, we hope this information will make your time more productive. The computer in your office will be a Linux Workstation. These workstations are configured to allow access to Microsoft Windows Applications (see below). If you have brought your own computer, please read the section on laptops, file access and printing, you will be able to print from your laptop and also access the files in your UNIX home directory. Should you require any further information please contact us. If you a returning member, welcome back.


There are three computer support staff in the school, Kevin, Theresa, and Jordan.  They are located in Simonyi Hall 002, 003, and 024 (respectively).  If you need to contact us by phone, please call extension 8012.  By email
please use

Laptop/Notebook or other Wireless Devices:

If you have brought a laptop/notebook or other wireless device with you to the Institute, you may register it for use on our wireless network by going to the following

For more information about the Institute's wireless networks, and directions for installing and/or configuring your laptop/notebook or other wireless device to use our eduroam wireless network, please see the following page:

Wired connections are also available, if your laptop does not have wireless capability, please email , and we can arrange for a wire to be installed in your office.
Please do not connect your laptop using the port that your workstation is plugged into.  It is a separate network.

To print from your laptop please refer to the documentation available at

In an effort to help protect our Faculty, Members, Staff and their families at home, IAS is now offering free Anti-Virus licenses for personal computers running the Windows operating system. Instructions are at:  Renewal instructions for Vipre:

Other security-related recommended software is available on this list:

Should you have any trouble, please come see us.


Printers are located on each floor of Simonyi Hall, the 1st floor of A-Building and the 2nd, 3rd and 4th floors of Fuld Hall.  Printers are named for the first letter of the building, followed by the floor number.  For example, the printer on the 4th floor of Fuld hall is f4.  To print duplex (recto-verso/double-sided/doppelseitig) append a 'd' to the end.  To print double-sided on f4, print to f4d.

For the technically savvy, our print server is located at

More information about printers on the Printers page


Email clients such as Thunderbird, Outlook and Eudora will work with our server.
We require SSL be enabled for all connections, please see our documentation at:

Incoming Server:
Outgoing Server:

If you are interested in forwarding your e-mail, consult the FAQ page located here

Tips on managing your spam

High Performance Computing Resources:

Here at IAS we have high performance computing clusters that can be accessed if requested.
If you are interested in learning more about our high performance computing resources please visit our documentation at:

File Access:

You may access the files in your home directory from your personal computer using the following methods:




Remote Access:

Remote access to email is provided via IMAP as stated above, or using our web-email at

Remote shell access is provided via SSH, the hostname to use is:

Microsoft Windows Access:

To gain access to our Windows terminal server, please send a request to set up your account. 

Afterwards, you may access a windows machine using the password you just provided.

Crossover Office is provided on your Linux workstation.  This allows the use of Microsoft Applications without having to log on to a Windows machine.  If, however, you would like to still access a Windows machine, you may do so using the following
rdesktop -a 24 -g 1280x1024 kobe

For more information on rdesktop, type man rdesktop at a command line. Rdesktop is an RDP client for Linux, clients exist for Windows and Macintosh also, you may access our Windows server from your personal computer also.

Home Page:

To create a home page you need to create a public_html directory ;in your home directory. You can create an index.html file in that directory, that will be your home page.  You need to make sure the permissions are set so that the page will be accessible, do this like this:

chmod o+rx ~ ~/public_html ~/public_html/index.html

Your home page will be accessible via
the computer in your office, try kompozer.

Thank you,
The Help Desk