Locally Symmetric Spaces Seminar

Topic: The NgĂ´ action via geometric Satake

Speaker: David Ben Zvi

Affiliation: University of Texas at Austin; Member, School of Mathematics

Date & Time: Tuesday February 13th, 2018, 1:45pm - 4:15pm

Location: Simonyi Hall 101

Video: https://video.ias.edu/locallysemetric/2018/0213-DavidBenZvi

I will explain an application of the geometric Satake correspondence (in its derived form due to Bezrukavnikov-Finkelberg) to the study of differential operators on $G$-spaces (for $G$ complex reductive) and its classical version, the study of cotangent bundles. The main result can be thought of as a "group" analog to Kostant's description of the center of $Ug$ by its action on Whittaker vectors, or a quantized version of Ngô's action of regular centralizers on all centralizers (both of which I will recall). This will aim to be a slower, gentler, expanded version of my talk from the member seminar (which will not be assumed).