Memberships and How to Apply (Deadline December 1, 2017)

Approximately 75 mathematicians and computer scientists are invited to the School each year to work on their individual research projects, with each other or with the school faculty. A small number of memberships for a longer period of time (two years) are also available. Some mathematicians are supported by the Institute, while others receive financial aid from their home institutions, foundations or governments. While many members are at the postdoctoral level, the school hosts mathematicians at all stages of their careers. Special fellowships and joint programs with neighboring institutions are described below.

The deadline for School applications, including supporting letters of recommendation, is December 1, 2017.

To apply to the School of Mathematics, please go to

Each year the School's Special-Year program focuses on one area of mathematics. Typically these programs comprise up to one-third of the memberships.

For information about special programs, see

Up to eight von Neumann Fellowships will be awarded each year.  The fellowship supports a one-year membership, and interested applicants should be at least 5, but no more than 15, years past the receipt of their Ph.D.

The Veblen Research Instructorship is a three-year position which was established in partnership with the Department of Mathematics at Princeton University in 1998.  Three-year instructorships will be offered each year to candidates in pure and applied mathematics who have received their Ph.D. within the last three years.  The first and third year of the instructorship will be spent at Princeton University and will carry regular teaching responsibilities.  The second year will be spent at the Institute and dedicated to independent research of the instructor’s choice.  Applicants wishing to be considered for a Veblen Research Instructorship must also submit an application to the Princeton University Mathematics Department.

Postdoctoral computer science and discrete mathematics applicants may be interested in applying for a joint (2-year) IAS position with one of the following:  the Department of Computer Science at Princeton University, DIMACS at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, or the Simons Foundation Collaboration on Algorithms and Geometry.  For a joint appointment, applicants should apply to the School as well as to the above, noting their interest in a joint appointment.

The School of Mathematics is also looking for highly qualified applicants in the field of computer assisted formalization of mathematics, univalent foundations and homotopy type theory and  expects to offer two or more memberships in this area.