Arno Kret

Email: (first name)(last name)
Office: 410 Fuld Hall, School of Mathematics, Institute for Advanced Study.


I work in arithmetic geometry. In my thesis I used the Arthur-Selberg trace formula to study the Newton stratification of Shimura varieties.

Before coming to the IAS I was a PhD-student in Orsay (Advisors: Laurent Clozel and Laurent Fargues), and before that I did my undergrad in Leiden.


Equidistribution in supersingular Hecke orbits. pdf.

Combinatorics of the basic stratum. pdf.

The trace formula and the existence of PEL type Abelian varieties modulo p. pdf.

Existence of cuspidal representations of p-adic reductive groups. pdf.

The basic stratum of some simple Shimura varieties. Math. Ann. 356 (2013). pdf.

Jacquet modules of ladder representations (with Erez Lapid). C. R. Acad. Sci. Paris I 350 (2012) 937-940. pdf.