Workshop on Homological Mirror Symmetry and Applications I

Monday, January 22, 2007 (All day) to Friday, January 26, 2007 (All day)
(January 22-26, 2007)

Institute for Advanced Study

School of Mathematics

Workshop on

Homological Mirror Symmetry and Applications I

January 22-26, 2007

Simonyi Hall Seminar Room


Tentative Speakers

Mohammed Abouzaid, University of Chicago
Tropical geometry and homological mirror symmetry (Jan 22)

Denis Auroux, MIT
Fukaya Categories I(Jan 17)
Fukaya Categories II (Jan 19)
HMS for blowups of CP2 (Jan 22)

Serguei Barannikov, ENS, Paris
BV-geometry of compactified moduli spaces (Jan 25)

Roman Bezrukavnikov, MIT
Quantization in positive characteristic and mirror and Langlands dualities (Jan 25)

Lev Borisov, University of Wisconsin
GKZ hypergeometric equations in toric mirror symmetry (Jan 26)

Andrei Caldararu, University of Wisconsin
An approach to the Mukai pairing using string diagrams (Jan 25)

Emanuel Diaconesku, Rutgers
Orientifolds and superpotentials (Jan 25)

Mark Gross, University of California, San Diego

Kentaro Hori, University of Toronto
Phases of N=2 theories in 1+1 dimensions with boundary (Jan 23) Slides

Anton Kapustin, Caltech
Generalized complex branes (Jan 23)

Gabriel Kerr, University of Chicago
Mirror Symmetry for Toric Surfaces (Jan 23)

Aleksandr Kuznetsov, Steklov Institute, Moscow
Homological projective duality (Jan 26)

Dmitry Orlov, Institute for Advanced Study
Introduction to mirror symmetry (Jan 16)
Triangulated categories of singularities and D-branes in LG-models (Jan 22)

Paul Seidel, University of Chicago
Mirror symmetry for W=zn+1 (Jan 16)
Homological algebra of Lefschetz fibrations (Jan 24)

Bernd Siebert, University of Freiburg
Affine manifolds to complex manifolds (Jan 24)

Yan Soibelman, Kansas State University
Geometry and algebra of CY varieties (Jan 24)

Atsushi Takahashi, RIMS, Kyoto
Categories of graded matrix factorizations (Jan 22)

Dmitry Tamarkin, Northwestern University
Microlocal sheaves on some symplectic manifolds (Jan 26)

Richard Thomas, Imperial College, London
Configuration Spaces Simultaneous Resolutions (Jan 23)

Kazushi Ueda, RIMS, Kyoto
Coamoebas and homological mirror symmetry (Jan 22)

Duco Van Straten, University of Mainz
Index theorem for matrix factorizations (Jan 24)

Johannes Walcher, Institute for Advanced Study
On the mirror of the real quintic (Jan 23)

Eric Zaslow, Northwestern University
A-branes and constructible sheaves (Jan 25)



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